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Tooth-colored fillings are used to fill cavities, preventing them from enlarging or causing irreversible damage to your tooth. These white fillings are tailored to blend with your natural teeth, ensuring a natural look and feel.
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In our office, the most frequently performed procedure is the application of dental fillings. These fillings repair and rejuvenate the tooth, aiding in the prevention of decay or infection that might necessitate more extensive treatment. Our choice of material is composite resin, which is customized to match the color of your tooth. Differing from amalgam or metal fillings, the tooth-colored composite resin adheres effectively to the tooth structure and can fill smaller cavities, resulting in less drilling required.

Why Are Fillings So Important

Many view the idea of getting a filling as a tedious task, often delaying it or questioning its necessity, particularly if there’s no pain in the tooth (yet). However, it’s highly advisable to get cavities filled as soon as possible, and here are the reasons:

  • Halt the expansion of cavities.
  • Avert painful infections or abscesses.
  • Cavities compromise tooth strength; fillings reinstate this strength and durability.
  • Economically beneficial in the long term.
  • Diminish sensitivity to temperature extremes.
  • Maintain your natural smile for an extended period.

How Is A Cavity Filled?

Light Freezing

Before starting, we’ll make sure to thoroughly numb your gums, allowing us to comfortably anesthetize the area. It’s common for people to feel nervous about this part of the process. However, the anesthetic will numb your teeth and the surrounding region, ensuring that you feel minimal discomfort during the procedure.

Filling The Cavity

Once we’ve ensured you are comfortably numb, we’ll proceed to meticulously clean and prepare your tooth. We then apply an adhesive gel to the treated tooth, followed by the placement of composite resin (the material for the white filling). This resin is then molded and sculpted to align perfectly with your tooth’s contours and bite.

Curing The Composte

The composite resin, employed for filling or bonding your tooth, is swiftly set and solidified using a specialized LED light. Following this, the dentist will meticulously inspect your tooth and perform any necessary final adjustments. The process concludes with a thorough polishing of the treated tooth for a smooth finish.

The Cost Of A Filling In Boulder

Fillings, being a routine and effective way to prevent dental issues, are often substantially covered by most insurance plans. With a typical insurance policy, your out-of-pocket cost for fillings might range from $0 to over $100. However, without dental insurance, the cost could be between $120 to $300 or more, particularly if you need multiple fillings at once.

Several key factors influence the final cost of your treatment:

  • The state of your oral health.
  • The number of fillings required.
  • The location of the cavity in your mouth.
  • The necessity for new dental x-rays.
  • The time the dental team needs to address your specific requirements.
  • The equipment and materials required for your treatment.

We prioritize prompt cavity filling, as this is a highly effective method to avoid more complex procedures, prevent serious dental pain, and maintain your overall happiness and health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By maintaining a regular routine of daily brushing and flossing, along with consistent cleanings and checkups, your fillings should remain in good condition for over ten years.

Fillings used to be done with an alloy called ‘dental amalgam’ and had many nicknames such as “silver” and “mercury” fillings. While there is plenty of debate over the safety of amalgam fillings, according to the American Dental Association, scientific studies have not verified that dental amalgam is causing illness in the general population. So if you currently have silver fillings, don’t fear!

While you can find over-the-counter products designed to temporarily address a cavity or minor tooth damage, these are not long-term solutions and cannot substitute for a professional filling. Cavities represent irreversible damage to the tooth, requiring cleaning, preparation, and filling by a dental expert. Ignoring dental decay poses significant risks; untreated cavities can result in tooth loss and abscesses.

If you’re experiencing intense pain that hinders your ability to eat or sleep, this is deemed a dental emergency, and we strongly recommend you contact us immediately. We can offer guidance over the phone and arrange to see you at the earliest opportunity. For temporary alleviation of a toothache, you can apply a cold compress to your face in the affected area. To mildly reduce your pain, you might consider taking a pain reliever such as acetaminophen (for example, Tylenol) or ibuprofen (like Advil). It’s crucial to heed your doctor’s advice and carefully read the instructions on the medication label. Please keep track of the medication you take, the dosage, and the time it was administered, so you can inform us during your visit.

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