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We welcome you to Experience Dental Boulder, where modern dentistry meets an unparalleled sense of luxury. At our practice, we believe patients deserve an elevated dental experience which places the mind, body, and smile at total ease. Both Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Adam, alongside their talented team, are deeply committed to shifting the way patient’s feel about taking their smiles to the dentist. As the environment we’ve fostered throughout our office-space and amongst our team members promotes sustainability, a contemporary experience, and a welcoming attitude that will leave you eager to return!

Our office provides solutions capable of fulfilling all your dental needs, ranging from routine cleanings, dental implants, Invisalign, and so much more. It’s no wonder why so many Boulder residents are making the switch and placing their oral health needs in our hands! Check our our patient testimonials, to see firsthand what so many clients have experienced while under our care.

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Our Advantage

Experience Dental Boulder - Boulder

A Dental Experience Like No Other

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards to our clients. At our practice, you will interact with dentistry like you never have before, as we’ve curated a truly elevated experience. From the moment you walk in our doors, you’ll be met with a waiting room equipped with state-of-the-art massage chairs. And once your procedure begins, you will be offered a complimentary paraffin wax hand dip, so your smile wont be the only thing getting pampered. Beyond that, you can take advantage of our flat screens and stream your favourite movie or series and enjoy our hot scented towels too! There’s no doubt that you’ll find yourself wondering if you’re at a relaxing spa or visiting the dentist.

Experience Dental Boulder - Boulder

Always At Your Service

While we’ve built a physical environment focused on client experience, that would be nothing without a mindset to match- and luckily, we’ve got that too! Our team is deeply dedicated to ensuring our clients receive top notch dental care and procedures to guarantee a happy and healthy smile. With great consideration, we develop a specialized plan on how to best elevate each patient’s oral health while taking into account their unique financial and physical capabilities. Thanks to Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Adam, we’ll find almost any dental solution well within your means to bring the best out of your smile!

Experience Dental Boulder - Boulder

Uplifting Those Around Us

We strongly believe that the role we play in our patient’s lives doesn’t have to be so clinical. Our team recognizes the importance behind the smiles we serve, and every patient attached to those smiles as well. We strive to be pillars of reliability, providing excellent service to uplift not only our patients, but the greater community around us. This is why we provide particular perks to our clients, like lifelong free teeth whitening! Furthermore, for every new patient we gain, we ensure a new tree is planted in the local area. This is just one of the few tactics we practice to support the community around us, as we are proudly recognized as the only carbon neutral dental practice in all of the US!

Take some time to read about the many ways our services have created amazing experiences for our clients!

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